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What can you do with Rank My WP?

Our tool helps you with everything from finding the best keywords and organizing them into tighter groups to tracking their performance on Google. 

Keyword Research Tool Keyword Discovery

Discover new keywords

Easily find relevant terms that are related to your main keywords to expand your list. The Keyword Research Tool will give you lists of suggested Key Phrases so that you can focus on the specific phrases people are actually searching for on Google.

Keyword Research Keyword Research

Research keywords

Know how many Google searches a keyword gets every month using our tool. We also show you the chance your site has to rank for that keyword based on existing Competition, if the keyword is trending or not; and if people are discussing it on Social Media.

That’s how you refine your list of keywords and only pick the ones that are most valuable for your business.

Keywords Briefcase Keywords Management

Create a Solid SEO Strategy

Once you’ve found the keywords you like, use Briefcase to save and organize them into tighter groups. Keywords are organizable by Labels, which means you can easily filter them and navigate your keywords portfolio.

Google Ranking Google Rank Tracking

Track Keyword Positioning

Once you’ve used your keywords in your content, you can start tracking their position in Google across multiple countries and see how they perform over time.

Google Ranking Tool from Rank My WP also shows you the organic clicks, impressions, and social shares for every keyword you track.

Find the right keywords for your business

All you need to know to start and excel at using Rank My WP Plugin.

Our Features

Get acquainted with all the Rank My WP plugin features.

Keyword Research

Find the Best Keywords that your own website can rank for and get personalized competition data for each keyword.

Keywords Briefcase

Add keywords in your portfolio based on your current Campaigns, Trends, Performance for a successful SEO strategy.

Keywords Suggestion

See the trending keywords suitable for your website’s future topics. We check for new keywords weekly based on your latest researches.

Keywords History

We save the data for keywords you’ve researched in the last 30 days. Use this to see the research progress and to find even better keywords.

Google Rankings

Track your average rankings evolution from Google Search Console for your organic searched keywords.

Google Search Console

Connect your website with Google Search Console and get insights based on organic searched keywords.

Knowledge base

Learn More About The Plugin

Master the basics of using the Rank My WP Plugin. Conquer the advanced to drive even bigger results. We’ll provide you with all the Knowledge you need.